Beauty is our bread and butter. With clients like Vintner's Daughter, Experiment beauty. and Banila Co. on our roster –– you know we're big beauty girlies. We do beauty differently, in a women-postive way. We're dumping unattainable and aspirational for something more real, something made through the female gaze, resonant with the women whom beauty brands target. Because, frankly, we're done being bullied or duped by the very brands that covet our dollars.

Here's a bit about what you can expect working with US

on your beauty brand photos, video, UGC look-a-like lo-fi content or social content

  • Strategy First, Always: Every photo, video, and content piece aligns with your overarching brand ethos, narrative, and USP
  • Brand-Forward Concepts: Our focus is to curate a recognizable and differentiated brand. We create visual systems, concepts, and copy that consistently reinforce your brand messaging and identity, carving out your unique market niche.
  • Mock-ups and Mood Boards: Say goodbye to guesswork and unwelcome surprises. Our pre-production phase is comprehensive and collaborative, ensuring alignment at every step. We utilize visual aids like moodboards, mockups, and AI-generated renderings to clearly communicate our vision.
  • Custom production: We don't do cookie-cutter or generic work. Our goal is to get your brand seen, heard, and remembered. In a saturated market, pretty, tame, bland, and mass content won't make the cut.
  • On-Point Execution: Thanks to our meticulous pre-production, execution is intentional, based on the blueprint we created together. On the day, everyone is on the same page, with a clear vision and goal. No last-minute changes or surprises.
  • Revised to ~deliver~: We do damn good work, and take pride in getting it nearly perfect on the first try. But we're ready to make any tweaks to assure your content is 10/10 perfection. Every production includes one round of revisions for quality assurance.

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